Snowbirds in the Fall

Rose and Kate Fall

It’s fall finally. I don’t know why it’s called fall. Maybe it’s because the leaves fall off the trees or the temperature falls or night falls faster.

I still get up really early. That’s what us four-legged companions do – we get up early to start the day, only now it’s not daytime yet, ’cause it’s still dark outside. That’s okay. I can see a glow where the sky meets the mountains in the east. The sky gets brighter and brighter and then whoosh the sun is up. Who wants to sleep through that magic?

Fall here in Arizona is a little different. The snow birds start to come back. No, these aren’t the birds with feathers that fly in – like ducks do on the lake. These are peoples who migrate in the fall and stay here through the spring.

You can tell they’re here because the license plates in the parking lot, like at Petsmart, are all different not just Arizona. There’s Illinois and Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you look at the cars you can see Green Bay Packer stickers (Go Pack Go), Chicago Cubs (yeah!) and Minnesota Vikings (boo!). There are more of them than the red birds – sometimes called Cardinals – from Arizona.

So I like fall. How about you?

Rose, the Irish setter

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