It’s a Big Day for Me, Like Huge!!!

It’s my birthday. I am 14 years old. I’m not finished yet, but 14 is a big birthday. I’ve done a lot in those 14 years.

I saved Brian from a big owie from a rattlesnake in the garden. I jumped in front of Brian and the rattlesnake bit me instead. That was scary and it hurt, but I got better. Now, when I want a special snack I remind Brian I saved him.

When I was two years old I got a baby sister. I didn’t want a baby sister, but I got one anyway. You’ve probably guessed it’s Kate. After a couple of days she was okay. She and me are bestest friends now. We have lots of adventures. You can read about them in the book we wrote. Kate and Rose Unleashed: It’s available as a paperback on Amazon and kindle book. You might want to buy it as a Christmas present. See we get a treat for every copy that’s sold. We should get more than just a treat ’cause we wrote it, but that’s how it goes.

This year has been the best, well they are all really good years, but this year we went camping. We saw the Grand Canyon. We stayed on the beach in Oregon for a week. We explored the redwood forest. Went up to the red rocks in Sedona. Stayed in Oak Creek Canyon. Camped on the shores of Lake Powell. Swam in the ocean. Chased seagulls. Swam in the Smith River. Swam in the Colorado River. Swam in the Sacramento River. We did a lot of swimming.

Anyways I’m looking forward to my 15th year. I bet it will be lots of fun. And more camping.

Rose, the birthday girl

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