Thank You for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving weekend so me and Rose decided to say what we’re thankful for. I’ll go first. Belly rubs. I love belly rubs, they make me feel all warm and special. Shadows and light: ‘Cause I get to chase them all around. You should see me run. I’m 12 years old now but I still run fast. I spring too. I spring up and out of the grass and then the birds spring up. I think that’s why I’m called a springer.

Birds: I chase the birds. I’ve got lots of energy and it’s my job to keep the birds away from the campsite. One time a huge black bird — I think it was called a crow – tried to steal our dinner on the picnic table. Well, I got rid of him really quick.

It’s me Rose, now. I’m thankful for snuggles in bed. I’m big and have long legs but there’s always room for me in the bed. I sleep sometimes on Brian’s belly or on Dee’s butt.

Celery: Every day at 3:00 PM we get a stalk of celery as a snack. I love the way it crunches and crunches.

Turkey: no seriously turkey. Dee scrapes off all the meat from the bones and mixes it with mashed potatoes and string beans. Sometimes she puts cranberries on top. See, we get homemade food all the time but we only get turkey at Thanksgiving.

Sunrise: because it’s the beginning of a new day and who knows what wonderful surprises will happen.

Both of us, me and Kate, are thankful that Brian and Dee are our two-legged companions because I don’t know what they would do without us. We take care of them. We get them up in the morning. Make sure they get their exercise by nagging them for walks. We help them eat healthy ’cause we always watch them when they eat.

And most important – we’re always there to give them a lovie when they need one.

So Happy Thanksgiving.

Rose and Kate

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