Senior Dogs Are Best

That’s me, Rose, the Irish setter, I’m a senior dog. That doesn’t mean I’m old. Okay so I got a sugar face but I’m not old. Senior means best. Like when you’re a senior in high school or you’re a senior analyst or you have seniority. Seniority means you’re first and get the best stuff.

You also get the warmest spot in the bed. You can snooze in the sun all you want. And here’s the best part, if you play it right you get better food. Don’t believe me? Here’s how it works: when Dee brings me my breakfast I kinda look at it and then look at Dee and then look back at the bowl. BUT and here’s the important part, I don’t eat it. I lie down and put my head on my paws. Dee gets this worried look on her face. So, she goes back and puts something special on the breakfast like cheese, or chicken, or sardines and then I eat it all up. It works even better when Brian feeds me. He sometimes puts yogurt in my bowl. I love yogurt.

Rose, the bestest senior Irish setter.

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