Rose and Kate Make a New Friend

So anyways…we were camping up at Roosevelt Lake not far from where we live in Scodsdale, Arryzonia. (I measure distance by how long a nap I get to have while my two-legged companions Brian and Dee are driving; this was just a short-nap-trip).

One morning I was stationed at my usual spot, the pic-a-nic table where Dee and Brian cook our meals. I stay there just in case they drop some food on the ground. They do that a lot. My job is to scoop it up right was so the campsite doesn’t get messy. And I am really, really good at my job.

So my sister, big ol’ Rose the Irish Setter, was snoozing in the sun at the edge of camp when I hear her start barking all excited-like. I walked over to take a look-see and was surprised to find: A HUGE VERSION OF ROSE, ANOTHER IRISH SETTER, BUT WAY, WAY TALLER. This setter was with his own two-legged companion, a very nice lady.

The setter’s name was Ian (I asked Brian how to spell it for you because you say it like ee-un). One sniff and I could tell he was a boy dog. He was very full of energy and wanted to play with Rose, but she’s kinda tired so she mostly sleeps in the tent when we are in camp. Brian and Dee say that Rose is in her “sunset years.” I dunno what that means. The only thing I know about sunset is that if I don’t get my dinner by then, I am one unhappy springer spaniel.

I miss all the playing and roughhousing Rose and I used to do when she was younger. Setters are great fun to play with. So I went over to Ian to see if he’d play with me. I wasn’t scared even though he is twice my size–nothin’ much scares me except an empty food bowl or the vet’s butt thermometer. I bopped Ian on the nose with my paw. That’s my signal to Rose to come play with me. I liked it when Rose would chase me all over the yard.

And HA HA HA, she never caught me!

When I bopped Ian on the nose, he just looked at me like, “Who are you, little spaniel?” His attention was all focused on Rose even though I am way, way cuter, like most springers. Some guys just don’t know what they’re missing. Maybe Ian was just playing hard to get. Pretty soon his mommy led him back to their campsite. I hoped he would come around again tomorrow.

Brian told me that we had met his mommy before. We stayed at a cabin she owns up the woods a long time ago, when I was just a little puppy. Dee said, “What a small world it is that we would run into her way out here at a desert campground.” I dunno about that. Maybe it seems like a small world cuz Dee is so much taller than me.

Written by Kate, reporting from camp in Arryzonia

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