Scary Big Dog

I don’t know why that dog didn’t like me. I don’t know why he wanted to bite me. Bite me really hard on the neck, but he did.

See, we were walking, me and Rose and Dee and Brian. Brian had my leash. You hafta have a leash on in the campground. Anyways, we had almost finished our walk when this big brown dog came after me, He was growling and barking and showing his teeth. He had big jaws and sharp teeth. He tried to put those big teeth around my neck, but all he got was fur.

Then he tried again but Brian kicked him. That didn’t stop that big brown dog ’cause he went after me again. I was getting really scared. This was not a play fight.

Dee yelled “Bad Dog. Get off her.” The big dog knocked her down. She now has an owie kneed and her hand hurts.

The owners of the dog finally came out of their RV and got the dog away. They said he’s a nice dog and is friendly, but I don’t believe it. There was nothing friendly about him.

I made sure I didn’t leave Dee alone all the rest of the day. She thinks it’s because I was protecting her. I’ll tell you a secret. It was really because I was scared that big brown dog was going to come back.

Kate, who is okay now.

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