Stinky Butt and Fuss Pot

That’s what Dee calls me and Kate sometimes. See, I have a little problem with my anal glands. They get full and it feels weird so I have to scoot my butt on the carpet. That makes it feel better — at least for a little while. Dee puts a very warm wash cloth on my butt. I don’t like it at all, but afterwards it feels better because some of the smelly gunk comes out.

Kate is called Fuss Pot because she has to have everything just so. She fusses if her nails are buzzed down with the dremel thingie. She fusses if she gets brushed. She fusses if her dinner isn’t ready at exactly 5:15 PM.

Then there’s Wiggle Butt. Her real name is Malibu. She gets so excited when Brian or Dee or anybody pets her, she doesn’t just wag her tail but she wags her whole back end.

You can probably guess how Harley got his nickname Mr. Wiz. If you can’t I’ll tell you. It’s cause he pees on stuff. Mostly stuff outside but sometimes it’s on stuff inside the house.

So there you have it: Stinky Butt, Fuss Pot, Wiggle Butt and Mr. Wiz. I like Rose, Kate, Malibu and Harley better.

Rose, the Irish setter.

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