The Bliss of No Baths ‘Cuz It’s Winter

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I HATE BATHS. I mean, REALLY HATE THEM. There’s nothing fun about getting water dumped on you, then getting all suds-ed up, then more water. Then having to stand there forever while my two-legged companion dries me off. I don’t see the point of baths. I smell good all the time. My best friend Rose the Irish Setter agrees–although just between you and me, she does kinda smell. Maybe a bath is good for her, just not for me. That’s it! If they didn’t give me a bath, they’d have more shampoo to use on Rose. And think of all the water they’d save. We do, after all live in a desert. We need to conserve.

If we both get baths, Rose chases me around the yard and then into the house when we are finished. She barks at me, too. She blames me that they gave her a bath. But I can assure ‘ya, Rose, I had nothin’ to do with it. I was just minding my own business and taking a nap when they take me outside and turn the cold hose water on me.

We get our baths outside in the backyard, so in the wintertime when it is sorta cold here in Phoenix, we get to skip baths most of the time, unless there’s a warm spell. Then we’re outta luck. When I go outside in the morning and find out it is cold, I think YIPPEEE! No bath today. Some dogs don’t like cold weather, but I LOVE IT! It’s been very cold lately, frost on the ground and our car even, so I had nothing to worry about.

But all of a sudden the weather is getting sunny and warmer. I thought I saw Dee come home with shampoo from the pet store–a really bad sign.

Maybe she only bought enough shampoo for Rose’s bath. I can hope…

Whenever I suspect it might be bath day, I lie as quietly as I can, so they won’t see me.

I really hope that winter isn’t over too soon.

Posted by Kate, Not so clean, but lovin’ it!

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