Traveling Dogs On The Road Again

So here’s what you need if you travel with your dog. ‘Course this list is mostly for me and Kate, but it would be good for your canine companions too. So the first thing on the list is food, lots of food, and treats, lots of treats. That’s the most important thing, food then treats. Got it?

A list of our vaccinations, especially the rabies vaccination. If your dog has a license then you might think that would work, but the license only has the year on it. So if the vaccination was due in say April and it was already June, the license wouldn’t prove your dog is protected.

Medicines. I take supplements like tumeric and glucosamine chondrotin and fish oil and stuff but Kate takes the anti-pee medicine. See she has this little problem, sometimes she pees in her sleep. No, I’m not kidding. But she can’t help it. So the veterinarian gave her this medicine that helps her. When she takes it she doesn’t accidentally pee. She takes fish oil and glucosamine too. We also have auntie-biotics, just in case we get an owie ear.

Other stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste, ear cleaner, antibacterial spray, and regular brushes, eye cleaner and shampoo. Dee made me put the shampoo in there. Personally I think you should leave the shampoo at home and use the space for treats. Kate agrees.

I have a jacket in our bag, cause I get cold. We’re desert dogs and aren’t used to cold. Kate has more fluffy fur than me so she doesn’t need a jacket. The sleeping bags are nice and warm and if it’s really, really cold, we make sure we’re both in the sleeping bag. See we wait until Brian and Dee are asleep and then wiggle our way in.

We also take pet wipes, towels, our blankies, and a couple of toys. I like the sock rope myself but Katie likes the spider. We both like tennis balls. Oh, and a tarp for us to lay on so we don’t hafta lay on the ground when it’s damp. We can use the tarp for shade too.

I almost forgot there are extra leashes and our tie-out ropes. Kate really needs the tie-out ropes ’cause she goes after birds and squirrels and shadows and lights, well mostly anything that moves. She’s supposed to do recall, but she doesn’t recall where she is.

Did I mention food and treats?

Rose, the Irish setter

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