Munch and Crunch — Nutrish

Most of the time we get homemade dog food — like chicken, peas, and string beans, or ground beef, carrots and brown rice or turkey — well you get the picture. When we’re camping, which is a lot, we get dry dog food and homemade. Dee calls that homemade food leftovers. I dunno why they aren’t called right unders, but there you are. Anyways Brian bought a bag of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish dog food. Yanno that Rachael Ray that does the cooking on TV. Yes, we watch TV. Cooking shows are one of my favorites. Kate likes football. We both take naps when golf is on.

This Nutrish stuff is pretty good. NO CORN. See, I like the taste of corn, but I can’t digest it. It comes out the way it went into my tummy. This Nutrish stuff doesn’t have corn. It doesn’t have that mystery ingredient called meat byproduct or meal. You don’t even want to know what that stuff is. It’s yuck.

There’s one kind of Nutrish that only has six ingredients. That’s good too. And it’s in the grocery store. See when you’re camping you can’t always get to the special pet store where they sell the premium dog food. So Nutrish is good to munch and crunch.

Thanks Rachael Ray.

Kate, the Irish setter

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