Camping Buddy Puppies

Brian and Dee, our two-legged companions, always bring us along when they go camping which is almost all the time. I get to meet lots of other four-legged companions in our campsites. Most of them are friendly and all of them are good dogs, but sometimes some of them could use some manners. That’s not their fault, but their two-legged companion’s fault.

Anyways. There was this bull dog named Brutus. That was the wrong name for him because he wasn’t a brute at all but what Dee would call a sweetie pie. He slobbered all over my head.

You can always tell when a dog barks hello, get away, or I’m going to bite you. At least us dogs can, humans maybe not so much. One RV had three little bitty dogs called yorkies. Yanno, the ones with the bows in their hair to keep it out of their eyes? They made a lot of confused barks’ cause one was barking hello, one was barking get away and one was growling. Have you ever noticed how little dogs have shrieky barks?

Then there was the lady who had two terriers. One was really little and one was sorta little. She said she adopted them from a shelter. It must be scary to be in a shelter where you don’t know nobody. I don’t understand how dogs end up in a shelter. Who puts them there?

Both terriers were happy and wanted to say hello. Hello means butt sniffing. It’s what dogs do instead of shaking hands. Hey, you can tell a lot from a good butt sniff.
In all the time we’ve been camping, I’ve seen only one other Irish setter. Us setters aren’t too common. But we musta been common sometimes ’cause nearly everybody I meet says “I had a red setter when I was a kid.” I’m thinking they just saw that movie “Big Red” and just imagined they had a setter.

Rose, the Irish setter

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