Potato Soup is Everywhere

See there were these birds. Big black birds with red heads, flying over our campsite. My job is to keep the birds away. Big birds, little birds, squawky birds, singing birds… it doesn’t matter. So when these big black birds came flying over our campsite I had to chase them. Now about that potato soup…

Brian keeps me and Rose on tethers – that’s a long leash – when we’re camping. That’s the rules. My tether is about 12 feet long. So this bird flew by and I go after it. I jump over the rocks around the fire ring and my tether snags one of the rocks and smashes it into the pan of potato soup. A big pan of potato soup. Potato soup was everywhere … in the fire, on the ground, on the rocks … everywhere.

The potato soup tasted pretty good if you don’t mind a little extra dirt seasoning and us springers certainly don’t
Kate, the cute one

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