So I Went Visiting.

The tent was kinda hot and I was kinda bored. Brian was in the hammock and Dee was writing in her notebook under the trees. Kate was snoozing. So I thought I would take myself for a walk. We’ve been around this campground a lot so I know the way. A snack would taste really good right now. I saw the two-legged companion across the way. He has two four-legged companions.

The black and white one barks every time me and Kate or another dog goes by. He’s just saying hello and being friendly.
I thought maybe since the two-legged companion has two dogs, he might have snacks. So I went over. I asked very nicely. I mean I sat down and looked up at him and lifted my paw. But nope. No snacks. He took my leash and brought me back to Brian and Dee.

Oh well, it was worth a try. And now Brian and Dee pay more attention to where I am. See sometimes I have trouble walking because I have arthuritis in my back legs, but not when it comes to snacks.

Rose, the Irish setter

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