Maya and Me

Maya and Me
And Oreo and that’s three
Rose is one more
And that makes us four

I like to write poetry, not all the time, but sometimes. Maya’s a mixed up chiwowwa. I don’t mean she’s confused, I mean she’s a chiwowwa mixed up with another kind of dog. I think she kinda likes me. When we met on a walk she came up to me nose to nose. She didn’t wag her tail because maybe she was a little scared. I’m a big girl and maya’s little.

We had dinner over at Maya’s two-legged companions RV. ‘Cause they were camping next to us. Well, our two-legged companions, Dee and Brian had dinner. Me and Rose and Maya and Oreo got biscuits. The biscuits were okay but they weren’t the ribs, the two-legged companions were having. I mean which would you rather have biscuits or ribs? Anyways.

About Oreo. He’s little too. He’s furry and funny. He didn’t like me at all. Rose liked him. She put her ears up like she does when she wants to play, but Oreo just barked and growled. That’s okay. Not all dogs like every other dog just like not all two-legged companions like every other two-legged companion.

Kate, the cute one

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