Tips to Stay Safe This Howliday

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s it’s one fun day after another. Cookies, candy, lights on the tree, punch and pretty wrapped packages. It’s fun but can be a scary and dangerous time for us dogs. Wanna know why? I’ll tell ya.

First of all there’s all the strangers coming to the door. Which means the front door opens more which means “escape time>” Now I’m perfectly happy to say hello to whomever is at the door. But not Patches. See he was the spaniel before me. He’s in puppy heaven now. Anyways he used to run away every time he could when the door opened. So be careful opening the door. Train your four-legged companion to sit and stay when the door opens.

Chocolate is toxic to us dogs. The darker the chocolate the worse it is. Lots of Howliday candy is covered in chocolate, so keep it away from us dogs. Maybe put it on a high shelf.

Alcohol is bad news. Lots of grown up two-legged companions have parties and serve wine, beer and mixed drinks. I guess they call them mixed drinks because after you’re had a few you act all mixed up. Even a few sips of wine can be a little bitty dog really sick.

Not all dogs like kids. Some dogs are scared of strange looking little creatures. Anyways when we’re scared we may try to bite.

I’ll blog more about safety tips during the howlidays another time.

Rose, The Irish setter

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