My Best Friend Left Me

Rose went to heaven. Her back legs didn’t work very good anymore. She couldn’t stand up long enough to pee or poop so Dee or Brian had to hold her up. She didn’t want to eat any more and Rose loves to eat. She once ate an entire chocolate cream pie. Now she doesn’t even want her chicken and potatoes that Dee makes her.

I’m sad but I don’t want her hurting. She told me the day Dee and Brian took her to the vet that she wasn’t scared. She was looking forward to playing with Patches. Patches is already in puppy heaven. She kissed me. She’s a very friendly dog but she doesn’t give kisses. She told me not to worry. And that it was up to me to take care of Brian and Dee now.

Anyways. We said goodbye. I know she’s not coming back from the vet but I was hoping. I was hoping

Kate, a very sad Kate.

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