Dog washing machines!

So I’m at this really strange place with Dee, my two-legged companion. It’s got all these big white machines. Dee put her and Brian clothes in the machines. Then she fed it a bunch of quarters. Then she put soap in. Then she pushed a button and the machine filled with water and the water got all full of soap bubbles. I could tell because one of the machines had this window on the side where I could see everything.

Let me tell you it was kinda scarey. See I thought maybe it was a dog washing machine. There’s no way I’d get into to one of those machines.

After a while the machines stopped. Then Dee took out all the clothes. They were wet. She put them in another big machine that had a window on the side so I could look in. She fed that machine lots of quarters. Then turned it on. I hope it’s just a clothes drying machine and not a dog drying machine.


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