Kate Travels the Carefree Highway

Carefree Highway is a road that runs east-west, north of the Phoenix, Arizona area. It is also the title of a beautiful song by Gordon Lightfoot.

Recently, we went home to Scottsdale after a long road trip, and Kate found herself in a reflective, albeit hungry, mood that night as we drove the Carefree Highway. She was thinking about her lifelong friend Rose, our Irish Setter, who recently passed away. She’s not used to being without her best friend.

So Kate has her own version of the song.
Take it from here, Kate (never knew our madcap Springer Spaniel was capable of tender ballads):

“Sittin’ in the back seat as we glide down the road
I wonder when we’re gonna stop and eat
Her name was Rose and I suppose we’ll miss her all our days
She left us at least a year too soon

Carefree Highway, hope we see fast food on you
Carefree Highway, a Carl’s Jr. let me find
French fries to ease the pain of never seein’ my best friend again
Carefree Highway, let us stop to eat on you

“Lookin’ through the mem’ries of the fun we all had
I wonder how the years went by so fast
I was a tiny pup when we first met, you made me feel at home
And every day, you took great care of me

Carefree Highway, I’m lookin’ for a sign
Golden arches would be fine
Got chicken tenders on my mind
(Just not Taco Bell, this late it won’t sit well)

Now we’re stoppin’ at an Arby’s to get some hot roast beef
Dee and Brian always give me what I like
Though sharing would be much better…
…with my big ‘ol Irish Setter
Rose, I’m sorry a big bunch that I always stole your lunch

Carefree Highway, our back seat’s lonely it is true
But I guess that’s how it goes, when you say good-bye to Rose
Carefree Highway, let us weep a bit on you
Carefree Highway, let me weep a bit on you

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