Go Find

See it’s this game we play. Our two-legged companion, this time it’s Payton, tells us to sit. You can see me sitting with Rose, Harley and Malibu. Harley is the little black guy. I like him. I want to play with him, but he doesn’t want to play with me. He likes Malibu and plays with her. She’s the mostly white one. She wants to play with me, but I don’t want to play with her. I want to play with Harley. Rose plays with anybody. Anyways back to Go Find.

Another two-legged companion hides these treats all around the house. Sometimes they’re on a table. Sometimes they’re on the floor or on the stairs. Then she says “Go Find!” and we all run around finding the treats. I win ’cause I get the most treats. At least I think I win. Maybe there’s no winning or losing, just lots of treats.

It’s a fun game and we can play it anytime.
Kate, the cute one

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