Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Soggy doggy Kate

It’s raining. I like the rain. I like to jump in puddles and get my ears all wet. Then I shake. And guess what? Brian and Dee get all wet too.

In the backyard the grass gets wet so I roll in it. The grass feels good on my back. Okay, so I get a little on me, then Dee calls me a muddy mutt, but I’m not a mutt I’m a purebred English springer spaniel and I have three colors, not just one like Rose. She’s just red. I’m black and white and brown. Mutts are fine. I like mutts, but I’m not a mutt.

There’s an animal that looks like a rock that lives in the backyard. He’s called Bruiser the tortoise. He likes the rain too. He walks really, really, really slow. He doesn’t have fur, just the hard covering over him. When he gets surprised he pulls in his head and legs and tail underneath the hard cover. I like to surprise Bruiser, but then Dee fusses at me. She fusses at me a lot. Oh well.

I hope it rains again really soon.

Kate, the cute one.

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