Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Bears Still Well I’m polite so I won’t say it

Football in the fall.  I get to lay on the couch and watch football.  I like the Green Bay Packers the best.  Today we got to watch the bears lose.  Do you see where the bear is on my Packer … Continue reading

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Spike’s Treats to The Rescue

It’s still hot. Too hot.  Our pawsie pads get burnt on the blacktop in the parking lot. But we got to go to this really cool pool party at Spike’s Treats. If you look really really close you can see … Continue reading

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Hiking. First hike this fall.

Schwimming is great but hiking is fine. I keep trying to get my two legged companions up in the morning earlier and earlier because it’s so hot. They don’t listen.  Dee says “It’s too early Rose go back nite nite. … Continue reading

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