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What is this stuff?

I dunno.  It was raining, you know from the sprinklers in the sky, and all of a sudden our two-legged companions got all excited and started yelling, It’s snowing! It’s snowing! So they put on their stuff to go for … Continue reading

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It sticks to my fur, the white stuff

I never saw it before.  We live where it’s really, really hot in the summer, and doesn’t get cold in the winter.  Well sometimes it gets a little cold but then it gets back warm again.  Brian says we live … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung and …

I have itchies.  My nose itches.  My tail itches.  My belly itches.  See I get allergies and that means I itch.  And then my two-legged companion Dee put this smell stuff called apple cider vinegar on the itches.  And it … Continue reading

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