It sticks to my fur, the white stuff

I never saw it before.  We live where it’s really, really hot in the summer, and doesn’t get cold in the winter.  Well sometimes it gets a little cold but then it gets back warm again.  Brian says we live close to Phoenix, Arizona and that’s in the desert.

Soooo.  There was this white stuff coming down from the sky. It landed on my nose and I licked it off.  It didn’t taste like nothing. It got on my fur, cause when I turned around to look at my tail there was this white stuff. It got on Rose too but you can’t see her in the picture because it’s just me.

Anyways. Dee picked up some of the white stuff and made it into a ball and told me to go get it.  Except I missed the ball — that happens a lot with me — and when it landed I couldn’t find it.  It distappeared, All I could find was the white stuff.

Kate, the cute one.

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