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Homemade jerky treats for dogs

This is terrible. No, not the recipe for homemade jerky treats but the news that nearly 600 dogs have gone to puppy heaven because they ate jerky treats made in China. We don’t get jerky unless it’s homemade. So here’s … Continue reading

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Dogs are people too

So I was reading this article in the New York Times. What? You think I can’t read? If I can blog — I can read. Anyways, this article said that dogs have emotions. Sheesh well of course. I mean you … Continue reading

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Yummies for the Tummy

I like food, new food, old food, lizard jerky food — it was a dried up dead lizard but it tasted good and was crunchy — but what I like the best is yummy for my tummy. Dee, my two-legged … Continue reading

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