Dog Park Drama!

Okay so there wasn’t any drama but I got you to read my post didn’t I? Made you look. Well me and Kate went to the dog park for Mother’s Day. Our mother wasn’t there, neither one of them. Dee was there, but she’s not our mother. She’s our two-legged companion. Brian was there but he’s not our mother. He’s our other two-legged companion. Why do mothers only get one day a year? Aren’t they mothers all the rest of the days? Makes no sense. Anyways.

I played keep-away-ball with Brian. That’s where I drop the tennis ball like right in front of him but when he goes to pick it up I snatch it away. It’s fun, but sometimes I hafta let him get the ball. If I don’t he loses interest. Then he throws the ball and I run and run and run and get it. Then we start the keep-away-ball game again.

VID_20150125_101839_861 Kate doesn’t play keep-away-ball or any other game at the dog park. She’s too busy chasing birds and shadows and butterflies. I can see why she chases birds. I mean she’s caught one a couple of times. What I can’t figure out is why she chases shadows. I asked her and she said it’s cause she has to. Just can’t help it.

Any day that starts with the dog park is a good day.

Rose, the Irish setter

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