Packer Pups Predict the Packers’ 2015 Season Record

This is Kate the English springer spaniel, here with my friend Rose the Irish setter to predict how many wins our favorite team the Green Bay Packers will have this season. We don’t agree all the time, for example Rose doesn’t agree with me that springer spaniels are by far the smartest dogs. And we probably won’t agree on our football predictions. So here goes:

I think the Packers are going 16-0 in the regular season and then plow through the playoffs and make the Super Bowl. You think I’m being too, what’s the word, optimisticic? Well, we have the bestest quarterback, the bestest running back, and the bestest wide receivers, except we’ll miss Jordy who has an owie paw. (note from two-legged editor: Kate calls all football injuries owie paws, except for concussions, which are owie brains).

Brian has told me that there’s something called Power Rankings, where football experts rank all the teams. This year, he says, the Packers are at or near the top of all the rankings. The experts must know what they’re talking about, because they get paid actual money to write stuff. Yanno, Rose and me do this gig for free (We’re going to make sure we discuss future compensation with Brian and Dee).

Looking at the Packers’ schedule…hmmm…where is it? I know Brian printed it out. Oh, I’m sitting on it, sorry. Anyways, the only games I’m worried about are at Denver and at Detroit. So even if we lose those, we’re still 14-2. But I’ll stick with my prediction. What do you think Rose?

Well, what I think is, why do people say setters are goofy when spaniels come up with predictions like this? I have to apologize to our readers. Kate gets overly excited, and she was not born yet when we had debacles like Atlanta coming to Lambeau and beating us in the playoff game, or the 4th and 26 mess-up in Philadelphia. And people wonder why there’s grey in my muzzle! Kate thinks life is all 40-point performances by the Packers’ offense and MVP seasons for our quarterback. Please read more at our blog. And comment on our blog or here on FB. We get a biscuit for every comment.

I’m going to go with a prediction of 12-4. We have a great chance to get off to a strong start, with 4 out of the first 6 games at home, and the away games, Chicago and San Francisco are very winnable. I worry, though that not having Jordy will make the offense sputter-y and stall-y early in the season. How many times did Jordy go out and grab that key reception on third down to keep a drive alive?

I’m afraid our weakness again will be the defense. Ted Thompson got some new young pups to replace the mediocre young pups we had last year. And of course if these ones don’t work out, he’ll replace them with newer young pups next year. So, I’m a skeptical red setter about our ability to shut down the other teams’ offenses.

The game I’m really savoring is the Thanksgiving night game vs. Chicago. Kate and me love, love, love Thanksgiving games because all the people in the house are distracted and we can steal large quantities of food while no one is looking. I put a nice muddy paw print next to that game on the schedule posted on the refrigerator to remind me. Dee thinks it’s just because I’m sentimental about Brett Favre. But dogs don’t get sentimental. Yesterday’s dinner doesn’t matter, just the one coming up.

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