Packers Pups Predictions: Green Bay VS. San Francisco

Hi, Kate the Springer Spaniel here with this week’s predictions. First of all, congratulations to my bestest friend, Rose the Irish setter, who predicted the score of last Monday’s game EXACTLY. Wow! All these years together and I never realized she was that smart. It must be the year for redheads. I mean, Andy Dalton’s team is in first place in their division.

Anyways, now let’s hear from this supposedly brilliant Rose about what she sees happenin’ in San Francisco on Sunday:
Rose, here. I’ve read lots of predictions about this game and am surprised that so many two-legged football experts think the Packers will blow out the 49ers. They must have forgotten that the 49ers beat us three times in a little more than 12 months during the 2012-2013 seasons. Sure, I see that the 49ers defense isn’t what it was during those years, but as I recall it was their QB that did most of the damage, with both his arm and his legs.

San Francisco was beaten badly last week by what I call the Red Buzzards of the Desert. Others call them the Cardinals. I don’t care what ya call them. I don’t like birds–cardinals, ravens, eagles, whatever. My job is to chase them out of the yard. The 49ers will be out to prove they are a much better team than they showed last week. And their first game at home was a very strong performance against the Vikings.

I’ve heard this term “trap game” about what happens when you take an opponent too lightly. That certainly won’t happen to the Packers because they remember when the 49ers knocked them out of the playoffs twice in consecutive years. Another factor is the short week of practice the Packers had after playing on Monday night and then having to travel to the west coast.

Weighing all these factors I see…a heartbreaking loss in the last minute of the game, San Francisco 27, Packers 24. But remember, a 3-1 start is still outstanding. What do you think, Kate?
I think you are wrong, wrong, wrong and your one-week lucky streak as a dog-nosticator will be over. I’ve thought long and hard about this game, in between bugging Brian to give me more food, and I say the score will be Packers 45, San Francisco 3.

The Packers got some sweet revenge on the Seahawks last week. The Packers are playing actual defense this year–Yeah!–and they have tremendous motivation to take advantage of the 49ers’ depleted, rebuilding team. I’m not afraid of Kaepernick (thanks for helping me with the spelling of that one, Dee).

Last week we didn’t have room in our blog for Brian’s prediction but we’ll make it up to him this week. It’s your turn, Brian.

Brian: I think it was splendid of the NFL to let the Packers experience where they will be playing in the Super Bowl early next year. I can certainly understand Rose’s concerns that the 49ers aren’t as bad as they looked the last two weeks–being outscored 90-25–but I believe this year’s Packers team is as good as it has looked the first three games of the season.

On both sides of the ball, Green Bay has shown a sense of urgency to get off to a great start that leads to securing home field advantage in the playoffs. I will go with Green Bay 40, San Francisco 23, as Aaron & Co. atone for previous debacles at the hands, or mostly the legs, of Kaepernick. By the fourth quarter, “Cap” will be “Kaput”.

As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold, in this case with a side order of that yummy San Francisco sourdough bread.

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