Packer Pups Predictions: Stomping on Cowpies

Kate the Springer Spaniel here. Before we give our predictions for the game against Dallas, I wanna say I’m still amazed at last week’s Motown Miracle. Me and Rose actually missed the winning touchdown because we had fallen asleep in the third quarter. There was so little excitement and we started to get depressed. But not to worry, we’ve watched the replay of the last 5 minutes of the game every night since, sometimes twice. I’ve got the game memorized. I know, right on cue, when to run around and bark. I’ve had this buzz of excitement inside me all the time, like when Brian brings home a 28lb. bag of our favorite food. I wanna keep this buzz all the way to the Super Bowl, don’t you?

I’m also excited because the book me and Rose wrote about our adventures, “Rose and Kate Unleashed” was just released in paperback form, and is getting all 5-Star reviews, which Dee says is really good. It’s on Amazon. Rose isn’t as excited as me. Fresh biscuits are better than good reviews, she says. My feeling is, why can’t we have both? Don’t we deserve both? Darn right we do.

So this week we have a visitor from the NFC Least division, the Dallas Cowboys. Imagine that! A division where no one has a winning record. It’s like a division with all Bears and Lions.

I see the Packers winning big, big, big, 45-3, with all the momentum from the end of last week’s game carrying into this one. What say you, Big Red Rose?

Ah, my little spaniel friend, you forget that the Cowboys and Packers have a storied history and rivalry, going all the way back to the Ice Bowl game in 1967. Just read Brian and Dee’s book “Over Time,” about lifelong Packers fans who get to re-live the game. And don’t forget that in the 1990′s the Cowboys knocked the Packers out of the playoffs somethin’ like three times in a row.

But you’re right, the Packers should win big time on Sunday. The Cowboys don’t have their nifty QB Tony Romo, and they just won an intense game against their rival the Redskins on Monday night. I’d say they might be all worn out, but it seems every team gets pumped up when they come to Lambeau.

Dallas’ defense is good enough to cause Aaron trouble, but I agree with you Kate (for once) that the momentum from the inspiring victory in Detroit will carry us forward. I see the Packers winning 28-10.
And I didn’t fall asleep in the third quarter. I was resting my eyes, knowing that the Packers would make a heroic comeback.

Kate: Do you always snore when you rest?

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