What are New Year’s Resalootions?

I dunno.  Why is everybody going around saying they want to stop this and start that? Makes no sense.  I mean Brian, my two legged companion tells me I have to learn to stop barking when somebody goes by the house.  Does that make any sense?  At All? No. So why should it be a New Year’s Resaloootion?

And I smell just fine.  So why do I need to take more baths? Okay I get it that my nails have to be clipped because when they get too long it’s hard to make the blog with the tappity thing.

If those two companions want to make resaloootions they should resaloot to take me and Kate on more walks. And give us lunch along with breakfast and dinner.  And wake up early in the morning like me and Kate, not stay slug a bug in bed until the sun rises.

Now those are New Year’s Resaloootions I could go for.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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