Munch and Crunch — Nutrish

Most of the time we get homemade dog food — like chicken, peas, and string beans, or ground beef, carrots and brown rice or turkey — well you get the picture. When we’re camping, which is a lot, we get dry dog food and homemade. Dee calls that homemade food leftovers. I dunno why they aren’t called right unders, but there you are. Anyways Brian bought a bag of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish dog food. Yanno that Rachael Ray that does the cooking on TV. Yes, we watch TV. Cooking shows are one of my favorites. Kate likes football. We both take naps when golf is on.

This Nutrish stuff is pretty good. NO CORN. See, I like the taste of corn, but I can’t digest it. It comes out the way it went into my tummy. This Nutrish stuff doesn’t have corn. It doesn’t have that mystery ingredient called meat byproduct or meal. You don’t even want to know what that stuff is. It’s yuck.

There’s one kind of Nutrish that only has six ingredients. That’s good too. And it’s in the grocery store. See when you’re camping you can’t always get to the special pet store where they sell the premium dog food. So Nutrish is good to munch and crunch.

Thanks Rachael Ray.

Kate, the Irish setter

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It’s My 15th St. Patrick’s Day

HI, This is Rose the Irish setter. Anyways. Today is my 15th St. Patrick’s Day. Yup 15th. We’re camping by a beautiful lake and enjoying the sunshine. If you want you could read about St. Patrick’s Day and other stuff in the book me and Kate wrote. You can get it as a Kindle book or paperback at Amazon. Rose and Kate Unleashed.

Rose the Irish setter

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Making the Rounds

When we’re camping I like to say hello to the other campers — the two-legged campers. Sometimes those campers bring their four-legged companions with them. It’s funny because it seems like the bigger the RV — yanno those big huge metal thingies that hook onto the back of a truck and you stay inside it at night instead of staying in a tent like we do. Anyways, it seems the bigger the RV, the littler the four-legged companions are.

There was this one RV that was humongous and in the front on the ground were four little itty bitty yorkies. They were inside a fence like a playpen. I could have knocked over the fence really easy but those little guys just stayed inside it and yapped. And yapped. And yapped.

I dunno why little dogs make so much noise. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid they are so little somebody will step on them. Next time I see a little yappy dog I’ll ask.

Rose, the Irish setter.

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There’s A Mouse in the House

Okay so it’s a tent and not a house but we’re living in a tent so it’s our house. Besides mouse doesn’t rhyme with tent. Anyways. It’s my job to chase critters and mouses out of our camp. So I did.

It was dark out. Brian and Dee were sitting by the fire and I spotted the mouse. It scurried right past my paws. So I took off and all of a sudden I wasn’t on my leash any more. The mouse ran around and around the chairs, under the table and in the bushes. So I did too. Then Dee chased me chasing the mouse. The Brian chased Dee chasing me chasing the mouse. It was a new fun game.

Kate, the Mighty Mouse Hunter

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Traveling Dogs On The Road Again

So here’s what you need if you travel with your dog. ‘Course this list is mostly for me and Kate, but it would be good for your canine companions too. So the first thing on the list is food, lots of food, and treats, lots of treats. That’s the most important thing, food then treats. Got it?

A list of our vaccinations, especially the rabies vaccination. If your dog has a license then you might think that would work, but the license only has the year on it. So if the vaccination was due in say April and it was already June, the license wouldn’t prove your dog is protected.

Medicines. I take supplements like tumeric and glucosamine chondrotin and fish oil and stuff but Kate takes the anti-pee medicine. See she has this little problem, sometimes she pees in her sleep. No, I’m not kidding. But she can’t help it. So the veterinarian gave her this medicine that helps her. When she takes it she doesn’t accidentally pee. She takes fish oil and glucosamine too. We also have auntie-biotics, just in case we get an owie ear.

Other stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste, ear cleaner, antibacterial spray, and regular brushes, eye cleaner and shampoo. Dee made me put the shampoo in there. Personally I think you should leave the shampoo at home and use the space for treats. Kate agrees.

I have a jacket in our bag, cause I get cold. We’re desert dogs and aren’t used to cold. Kate has more fluffy fur than me so she doesn’t need a jacket. The sleeping bags are nice and warm and if it’s really, really cold, we make sure we’re both in the sleeping bag. See we wait until Brian and Dee are asleep and then wiggle our way in.

We also take pet wipes, towels, our blankies, and a couple of toys. I like the sock rope myself but Katie likes the spider. We both like tennis balls. Oh, and a tarp for us to lay on so we don’t hafta lay on the ground when it’s damp. We can use the tarp for shade too.

I almost forgot there are extra leashes and our tie-out ropes. Kate really needs the tie-out ropes ’cause she goes after birds and squirrels and shadows and lights, well mostly anything that moves. She’s supposed to do recall, but she doesn’t recall where she is.

Did I mention food and treats?

Rose, the Irish setter

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Stinky Butt and Fuss Pot

That’s what Dee calls me and Kate sometimes. See, I have a little problem with my anal glands. They get full and it feels weird so I have to scoot my butt on the carpet. That makes it feel better — at least for a little while. Dee puts a very warm wash cloth on my butt. I don’t like it at all, but afterwards it feels better because some of the smelly gunk comes out.

Kate is called Fuss Pot because she has to have everything just so. She fusses if her nails are buzzed down with the dremel thingie. She fusses if she gets brushed. She fusses if her dinner isn’t ready at exactly 5:15 PM.

Then there’s Wiggle Butt. Her real name is Malibu. She gets so excited when Brian or Dee or anybody pets her, she doesn’t just wag her tail but she wags her whole back end.

You can probably guess how Harley got his nickname Mr. Wiz. If you can’t I’ll tell you. It’s cause he pees on stuff. Mostly stuff outside but sometimes it’s on stuff inside the house.

So there you have it: Stinky Butt, Fuss Pot, Wiggle Butt and Mr. Wiz. I like Rose, Kate, Malibu and Harley better.

Rose, the Irish setter.

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Scary Big Dog

I don’t know why that dog didn’t like me. I don’t know why he wanted to bite me. Bite me really hard on the neck, but he did.

See, we were walking, me and Rose and Dee and Brian. Brian had my leash. You hafta have a leash on in the campground. Anyways, we had almost finished our walk when this big brown dog came after me, He was growling and barking and showing his teeth. He had big jaws and sharp teeth. He tried to put those big teeth around my neck, but all he got was fur.

Then he tried again but Brian kicked him. That didn’t stop that big brown dog ’cause he went after me again. I was getting really scared. This was not a play fight.

Dee yelled “Bad Dog. Get off her.” The big dog knocked her down. She now has an owie kneed and her hand hurts.

The owners of the dog finally came out of their RV and got the dog away. They said he’s a nice dog and is friendly, but I don’t believe it. There was nothing friendly about him.

I made sure I didn’t leave Dee alone all the rest of the day. She thinks it’s because I was protecting her. I’ll tell you a secret. It was really because I was scared that big brown dog was going to come back.

Kate, who is okay now.

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The Bliss of No Baths ‘Cuz It’s Winter

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I HATE BATHS. I mean, REALLY HATE THEM. There’s nothing fun about getting water dumped on you, then getting all suds-ed up, then more water. Then having to stand there forever while my two-legged companion dries me off. I don’t see the point of baths. I smell good all the time. My best friend Rose the Irish Setter agrees–although just between you and me, she does kinda smell. Maybe a bath is good for her, just not for me. That’s it! If they didn’t give me a bath, they’d have more shampoo to use on Rose. And think of all the water they’d save. We do, after all live in a desert. We need to conserve.

If we both get baths, Rose chases me around the yard and then into the house when we are finished. She barks at me, too. She blames me that they gave her a bath. But I can assure ‘ya, Rose, I had nothin’ to do with it. I was just minding my own business and taking a nap when they take me outside and turn the cold hose water on me.

We get our baths outside in the backyard, so in the wintertime when it is sorta cold here in Phoenix, we get to skip baths most of the time, unless there’s a warm spell. Then we’re outta luck. When I go outside in the morning and find out it is cold, I think YIPPEEE! No bath today. Some dogs don’t like cold weather, but I LOVE IT! It’s been very cold lately, frost on the ground and our car even, so I had nothing to worry about.

But all of a sudden the weather is getting sunny and warmer. I thought I saw Dee come home with shampoo from the pet store–a really bad sign.

Maybe she only bought enough shampoo for Rose’s bath. I can hope…

Whenever I suspect it might be bath day, I lie as quietly as I can, so they won’t see me.

I really hope that winter isn’t over too soon.

Posted by Kate, Not so clean, but lovin’ it!

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Rose and Kate Make a New Friend

So anyways…we were camping up at Roosevelt Lake not far from where we live in Scodsdale, Arryzonia. (I measure distance by how long a nap I get to have while my two-legged companions Brian and Dee are driving; this was just a short-nap-trip).

One morning I was stationed at my usual spot, the pic-a-nic table where Dee and Brian cook our meals. I stay there just in case they drop some food on the ground. They do that a lot. My job is to scoop it up right was so the campsite doesn’t get messy. And I am really, really good at my job.

So my sister, big ol’ Rose the Irish Setter, was snoozing in the sun at the edge of camp when I hear her start barking all excited-like. I walked over to take a look-see and was surprised to find: A HUGE VERSION OF ROSE, ANOTHER IRISH SETTER, BUT WAY, WAY TALLER. This setter was with his own two-legged companion, a very nice lady.

The setter’s name was Ian (I asked Brian how to spell it for you because you say it like ee-un). One sniff and I could tell he was a boy dog. He was very full of energy and wanted to play with Rose, but she’s kinda tired so she mostly sleeps in the tent when we are in camp. Brian and Dee say that Rose is in her “sunset years.” I dunno what that means. The only thing I know about sunset is that if I don’t get my dinner by then, I am one unhappy springer spaniel.

I miss all the playing and roughhousing Rose and I used to do when she was younger. Setters are great fun to play with. So I went over to Ian to see if he’d play with me. I wasn’t scared even though he is twice my size–nothin’ much scares me except an empty food bowl or the vet’s butt thermometer. I bopped Ian on the nose with my paw. That’s my signal to Rose to come play with me. I liked it when Rose would chase me all over the yard.

And HA HA HA, she never caught me!

When I bopped Ian on the nose, he just looked at me like, “Who are you, little spaniel?” His attention was all focused on Rose even though I am way, way cuter, like most springers. Some guys just don’t know what they’re missing. Maybe Ian was just playing hard to get. Pretty soon his mommy led him back to their campsite. I hoped he would come around again tomorrow.

Brian told me that we had met his mommy before. We stayed at a cabin she owns up the woods a long time ago, when I was just a little puppy. Dee said, “What a small world it is that we would run into her way out here at a desert campground.” I dunno about that. Maybe it seems like a small world cuz Dee is so much taller than me.

Written by Kate, reporting from camp in Arryzonia

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Three O’clock Celery

Three O’clock is a long time from breakfast and a long time from dinner, so we get a snack. We used to get those snacks you buy in the store, but have you ever read the labels? Some of what they make them from is kinda yucky. Anyways, I don’t remember how it happened but one day Brian gave us a stalk of celery. It was yummy, all crunchy and juicy. Then because me and Rose liked it so much, Brian tried some kale, that was good too. The cucumbers were okay and Rose really like the carrots. Me, I like sweet peppers. We don’t like spinach, there’s no crunch and it sticks to our teeth.

Celery is the best and what we get most of the time.

Kate, who likes vegetables

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